April 25th-26th, Shortsville, New York

About The Event

About The Event

Get your friends together and sign up for this Year's Wild Water Derby where you will ride down Flint's Creek in a Raft, canoe, or whatever you can make float! Come participate in this wild adventure or bring your family to come and watch. There will be fun, food and a good time for all.


Historic Littleville (Hopewell) -> Shortsville -> Manchester
For more Details See Event Venue


Saturday & Sunday
April 25th-26th
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Event Schedule

Here is the event schedule

This is the schedule. It is subject to change based on weather conditions. Check back frequently.

Red Jacket 5k Red Jacket High School start

This is a separate event that benefits the local high school.

Pancake Breakfast American Legion, Shortsville

A delicious breakfast with eggs, pancakes, juice and more.

Vendor Craft Show Setup Water Street/Budd Park

Craft show/vendors go the duration of the Derby


Registration / Check In American Legion

Fill out registration paperwork and get bibs.

Safety Meeting American Legion

This is required for all rafters.

Raft Parade

From high school to starting line.

First Launch Littleville

Rafters will be launched one at a time.

Awards American Legion

Awards given by class.

You can get a great dinner at the Depot or Sidetrack Bar & Grill. On the Corner of Main Street and Water Street.

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Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Shortsville, NY

The race starts off on the Canandaigua Outlet in historic Littleville (Hopewell), continues on Flint Creek in Shortsville, and ends in Manchester just before the New York State Thruway.
Spectators watch all along the waterfront with the biggest watching at Budd Park in Shortsville.


Raft Construction Rules

  • Each raft must have a launch rope tied to the end that is 20’ long and strong enough to pull the water out of the Outlet at the end of the raise.
  • If any wood screws are used, they must be completely screwed into 2X type material with no exposed tips that could cut anyone.
  • Where bolts are used, extra long bolts located near paddlers shall be shortened to prevent injury.
  • Rafts and raft items that are not pulled out by the recovery team at the end of the course must be removed by the rafting team within two weeks after the race (water level will be lowered to assist you).

Other than that, be imaginative.

Pirate raft

Safety Rules for Derby Participants

  • There are no age restrictions.  Historically, we have had children as young as 12 years old on rafts with parents.  However, the insurance liability for a minor must be signed by a parent at the registration table.
  • PDF’s and helmets are required, which we have available for free use at the starting line.
  • There is no limit to the number of people on a raft or canoe. However, every one on the raft must be registered
  • FYI, at the rapids, you will always be in full view by members of our multiple swift water rescue teams.

Safety and fun are number 1!

Life Jacket




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